Tuesday, March 31, 2015

4 Weeks!

Jeff and I can hardly believe how quickly time seems to be flying by.  It's really already been 4 weeks since we brought Raegan home. While life has changed quite a bit, we are still doing all of the same things we were doing before we brought her home.  

Sevrine is doing well at track and has her first track meet on the 18th.  I haven't brought Raegan to the track yet, but mostly because Dad likes to have some time with her, and he doesn't love hanging out at the track.  This gives Sevrine and I time together doing something that she loves though, or at least loves most of the time.

Raegan had her 2 week check-up this last week and has gained back the weight she lost plus 1 extra pound.  She is a half an inch longer as well.  It's fun to watch the little changes.

We got to have more pictures taken of her, which turned out so amazing.

I really can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!  One of the cool things about the military is the people you meet.  Christina, the amazing photographer, worked with and is friends with Jeff (and I). We really should have set this up sooner, because she has done some seriously amazing photos for us.

I've been really lucky to be able to get back to some sort of fitness routine over the last few weeks.  Jeff has no problem watching the kiddo so I can get out and get a run/workout in.  On Saturday, I skipped my run because we were setting up and cleaning up from Sevrine's Birthday party so I convinced Sevrine to come out and do my Week 2 Day 3 of Couch to 5K with me.  We probably should have waited until a little later in the day when it would have been cooler, but we got it done.  

Sevrine has also been wanting to help more with the baby.  She likes to snuggle with her as long as she's not to squirmy, and she's even asked to change diapers.  I managed to get a picture of my two cuties, both smiling.

Raegan had gotten a little bit off her schedule for a few days, thinking she was nocturnal, which was a little bit rough on Jeff and I, but she seems to be getting back into her normal pattern. We think she's going through another growth spurt as well since it seems like she's back to wanting to eat constantly.

I've been really lucky so far; Raegan is turning out to be a really happy baby, just like Sevrine was.  Neither of them (at least so far) were/are very fussy and were/are just generally happy babies.

Raegan doesn't sleep with music like Sevrine did/does, but she does like to be swaddled and/or have her fleece blanket right next to her cheek.  That will be really good until I have to try and swaddle her in her fleecie in July.

We also had another big visit for Raegan.  We got to see my parents on a layover at the San Antonio Airport.  I need to get a copy of the picture of Grandma with Raegan, but I'll post the one of Grandpa that I do have.

And yes, that is Ric Pugmire actually feeding a baby. :)

It's been a fun and eventful 4 weeks so far, and we can't wait to see what the coming weeks bring us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Weeks

Well, we are starting to settle into a sort of routine.  Jeff is on his last week of leave, and I am trying to get myself ready to be home with the little cutie pie all by myself during the day.  On Monday and Friday, Raegan goes with me to my training appointment, which has gone smoother than I expected it would.  

Raegan has had a busy week! On Saturday, Raegan got to go with Sevrine and I to the UTSA Challenge Invitational Track Meet.  It was fun for the kids to be able to see some big schools like UT, Texas Tech and Kentucky run, although they brought mostly Freshman from what I understand.

It rained most of the morning, so we kept Raegan bundled up in her carrier under my jacket.  She was nice and toasty warm.

On Sunday she was extra busy with a visit from Uncle Alex and Aunt Kate.  Sevrine and Raegan both got some quality snuggle time in with Aunt Kate, which made them all really happy.  Although it was a quick visit, we all had a blast.

Sevrine absolutely adores being a big sister.

Later on Sunday, we all went up to Big's for Sevrine's XC team dinner.  All the kids had a blast playing while the parents got some much needed "quiet" time in the shade.  After being Pregnant all season, it was nice to be able to show off what we'd been working on.  It was really cute to see Stella interact with Raegan.  We really do love our XC/Track family.

A common theme during the week is Raegan getting her much needed snuggle time with Dad.  She snuggles with Mom a lot too, but Dad really enjoys his time with Raegan.

There are so many more pictures, but we had to pick just a few of our favorites.  Raegan is getting bigger every day and it seems like all she does is eat.  We are enjoying every minute of watching her change and grow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two Weeks!

I can hardly believe that little Raegan has already been with us for two weeks!  I can't even describe how nice it's been to have Jeff home on leave to help out. We are settling into a little bit of a routine already with my bringing Raegan to my last two training appointments, and so far she has been really good.  Luckily, the Warkhawk and all of the other Lackland fitnes centers have family rooms that I can train my client in while Raegan plays (once she's a little older).

I love this stage, where as long as you have enough formula, diapers and wipes, you can pretty much take the kiddo anywhere.  We haven't gotten to crazy yet, but Jeff is finally able to see that with a little advance planning, you can still do pretty much all of the same things you could before.  

We have been out walking almost every day so far, and Raegan sleeps really well in the stroller as well as the car.  That was really good news!

Raegan seems to be going through a little bit of a growth spurt, since it seems that she's hungry every hour and still wants a full two ounces.  We will probably try giving her 3 soon, just to see if that will hold her over longer.

Jeff's parents and Grandmother were able to come down from Houston on Saturday to see her and we had a nice visit.  Raegan slept through the whole thing though, since it seems that that is was she does most lately.  Unless, of course you really need your sleep, then she wants to stay up and play.

We took Raegan over to our friend Christina's for newborn pictures and the few that I've seen so far turned out really cute!  I can't wait to see the rest.

We were able to take new family photos as well as some really cute pictures with just Sevrine and Raegan.  I still can't believe that they are exactly 10 years apart.  We got the whole family into Texas Longhorns shirts for the occasion, and little Raegan makes a really cute Longhorn.

Today, we got to go and see Sevrine at school. Somehow, we managed to sleep through our alarms and Sevrine was almost late for school.  She was so stressed out about the possibility of being late that she thought the whole day would be ruined. We couldn't let that happen, so Jeff, Raegan and I went to have lunch with her at school.  It was also Saint Patrick's Day, so it made it even more fun.

Sadly, the weather today isn't nice enough to take the kiddo out in the stroller, so I'll have to do my walk on the treadmill.  It's been really nice to be active again though, and there will be plenty more chances to get out with the stroller over the next few months.

Well, that pretty much covers week two!  Can't wait to see what's in store for week three!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Week!

I can hardly believe that little Raegan is already 1 week old!  This week has flown by.  We've already had a well baby check-up...
friends and family over to visit...
first bath...
and a couple of outings out of the house. While she is still tiny, it is fun to watch how she changes on a day to day basis.  Her Longhorns pillow is still her favorite place to chill and nap, although she keeps trying to roll over, so we might not be able to let her stay there for long.  

We are so thankful for this little girl and for the joy that she has brought to our house.  She is such a good baby and hardly fusses at all.  Here are a few more of my favorite photos from this first week.
So glad Jeff is on leave so he is able to be here for all of this.  I can't even express how thankful I am for all of his help and willingness to take care of her.  He is such an amazing Dad.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Welcome Raegan!

Well, where to start... We have been waiting (some of us not so patiently) for baby Raegan to arrive.  She was due on the 24th of February, but felt like she wanted to stay a little longer.  She finally arrived on March 3rd, which also happens to be her Big Sister Sevrine's birthday. Sevrine was really excited to get a sister for her birthday, but we will see how she feels about sharing her birthday later down the road.  Jeff and I already have thoughts in place to make sure that each girl feels special and individual on the shared day.

Raegan was born at 7:30 am on March 3, was 7 pounds, 6 ounces and 20 inches long.  She was really good and alert the whole first day, but yesterday and today she would rather sleep than do anything else.  We have to wake her up to eat most times, but she does let us know when she wants something.

Jeff is loving being a new Daddy. In the hospital, the doctors weren't quite done with me yet after they had Raegan all cleaned and bundled up and I knew that Jeff was anxious to get his hands on his little girl.  The nurses it seemed wanted to wait and hand her to me, but I asked them to give her to Jeff.  That was a double edged sword, because now he doesn't want to give her up to anyone.  It is really fun to see him with her.  Don't get me wrong, he's still a bear, but when it comes to his girls, he is a total softy.

I am feeling surprisingly good for being only 2 days postpartum, and really can't wait to start feeling 100% again.  I got to come home after just 24 hours from the hospital (they say because I already have a kiddo) which was nice because I'm not sure if Jeff could have handled another night sleeping on the fold out in the recovery room.  SAMMC does things a little different and there isn't a nursery, so we got to have Raegan in the room with us the entire time.  I think this helped Jeff to acclimate better to feedings and diaper changes.  One of the nice nurses even showed him how, and now, even though he hates it, he still helps with diapers.  Another nice thing about the military is the 10 days of paternity leave that he will get.  This will take so much stress and pressure off of me since I will be able to get more help during the day and night taking care of Raegan.  I know that all of us will be getting a little less sleep, but we would all agree that this adorable little girl is more than worth it.  Sevrine keeps saying how cute and adorable she is, and I would totally agree, but I'm Mom.

Even though there are similarities between Sevrine and Raegan, there are also some differences.  Raegan also likes to keep her hands up near her face, but she really likes taking a pacifier, where Sevrine couldn't keep her thumb out of her mouth.  They make a lot of the same faces when they are sleeping which is so cute.

A lot has changed in 10 years.  They gave us a piece of paper to track all of her feedings and diaper changes, but there is a really cool app for ipad that lets me do that, as well as track other milestones and doctors appointments, even medication.  I don't remember them even asking me to track half of this for Sevrine, so we are trying to be good and keep it all together.  We love taking pictures of the little sweetheart.  I should be using my nice Canon, but I find that I take more pictures with my ipad, just because it's so much easier to put them up on facebook as well as updating the blog.  We did have to create a new one since there are four of us now.

I'm hoping that Sevrine will be able to get her homework done today, because I think that she and Jeff are in close competition for who is the most excited to have Raegan here.  That doesn't mean that Mommy isn't also really excited, but Sevrine and Jeff are at a whole different level. Mommy is just quietly enjoying the excitement and happiness around her. 

Well, I think that is it for now, but be prepared for tons and tons of pictures to be posted in the days to come.