Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Weeks

Well, we are starting to settle into a sort of routine.  Jeff is on his last week of leave, and I am trying to get myself ready to be home with the little cutie pie all by myself during the day.  On Monday and Friday, Raegan goes with me to my training appointment, which has gone smoother than I expected it would.  

Raegan has had a busy week! On Saturday, Raegan got to go with Sevrine and I to the UTSA Challenge Invitational Track Meet.  It was fun for the kids to be able to see some big schools like UT, Texas Tech and Kentucky run, although they brought mostly Freshman from what I understand.

It rained most of the morning, so we kept Raegan bundled up in her carrier under my jacket.  She was nice and toasty warm.

On Sunday she was extra busy with a visit from Uncle Alex and Aunt Kate.  Sevrine and Raegan both got some quality snuggle time in with Aunt Kate, which made them all really happy.  Although it was a quick visit, we all had a blast.

Sevrine absolutely adores being a big sister.

Later on Sunday, we all went up to Big's for Sevrine's XC team dinner.  All the kids had a blast playing while the parents got some much needed "quiet" time in the shade.  After being Pregnant all season, it was nice to be able to show off what we'd been working on.  It was really cute to see Stella interact with Raegan.  We really do love our XC/Track family.

A common theme during the week is Raegan getting her much needed snuggle time with Dad.  She snuggles with Mom a lot too, but Dad really enjoys his time with Raegan.

There are so many more pictures, but we had to pick just a few of our favorites.  Raegan is getting bigger every day and it seems like all she does is eat.  We are enjoying every minute of watching her change and grow.

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