Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two Weeks!

I can hardly believe that little Raegan has already been with us for two weeks!  I can't even describe how nice it's been to have Jeff home on leave to help out. We are settling into a little bit of a routine already with my bringing Raegan to my last two training appointments, and so far she has been really good.  Luckily, the Warkhawk and all of the other Lackland fitnes centers have family rooms that I can train my client in while Raegan plays (once she's a little older).

I love this stage, where as long as you have enough formula, diapers and wipes, you can pretty much take the kiddo anywhere.  We haven't gotten to crazy yet, but Jeff is finally able to see that with a little advance planning, you can still do pretty much all of the same things you could before.  

We have been out walking almost every day so far, and Raegan sleeps really well in the stroller as well as the car.  That was really good news!

Raegan seems to be going through a little bit of a growth spurt, since it seems that she's hungry every hour and still wants a full two ounces.  We will probably try giving her 3 soon, just to see if that will hold her over longer.

Jeff's parents and Grandmother were able to come down from Houston on Saturday to see her and we had a nice visit.  Raegan slept through the whole thing though, since it seems that that is was she does most lately.  Unless, of course you really need your sleep, then she wants to stay up and play.

We took Raegan over to our friend Christina's for newborn pictures and the few that I've seen so far turned out really cute!  I can't wait to see the rest.

We were able to take new family photos as well as some really cute pictures with just Sevrine and Raegan.  I still can't believe that they are exactly 10 years apart.  We got the whole family into Texas Longhorns shirts for the occasion, and little Raegan makes a really cute Longhorn.

Today, we got to go and see Sevrine at school. Somehow, we managed to sleep through our alarms and Sevrine was almost late for school.  She was so stressed out about the possibility of being late that she thought the whole day would be ruined. We couldn't let that happen, so Jeff, Raegan and I went to have lunch with her at school.  It was also Saint Patrick's Day, so it made it even more fun.

Sadly, the weather today isn't nice enough to take the kiddo out in the stroller, so I'll have to do my walk on the treadmill.  It's been really nice to be active again though, and there will be plenty more chances to get out with the stroller over the next few months.

Well, that pretty much covers week two!  Can't wait to see what's in store for week three!

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