Thursday, April 9, 2015

1 month / 5 Weeks

It is crazy how fast time is going by! None of us can believe that Raegan is already a month old! She is so much fun to watch, even when she's driving Jeff nuts.

Raegan has done really well when she comes to work with me, which is probably why they haven't said anything yet. But seriously, she does really well, and I train my client in the family fitness room (with the Gym's permission) and my client doesn't mind at all. Raegan got to come with me for Jeff's skin cancer surgery and did really well during the 4 hours we waited for him. She definitely missed her snuggle time with Daddy though while he was recuperating.

We had kind of a lazy Saturday but went over to the Nye's to watch the Duke game before the guys turned on the Priesthood Session of General Conference.  Sevrine, Raegan and I went home at that time so we could watch part of the Kentucky game.  Sad that Kentucky lost, but even more sad that one of their players stuck his foot in his mouth.

Sunday, we watched conference as a family. Although Sevrine would rather have been doing anything else.

Raegan, of course, slept through conference, while Sevrine only wished she could.

Everyone had a good Easter. Sevrine got a movie that she has been wanted for a while and even got to hunt for easter eggs outside (we skipped it last year at the apartment).  Even though half of the eggs were hiding in plain site, she had a blast.  Next year she will have competition though.

Raegan didn't know what to make of any of it, but it was still fun to watch her.  She got a sock monkey and a little dolly.  I think she might be a little traumatized by the sock monkey though.

Raegan has gotten into a habit of only wanting to sleep in our arms some days, so I ended up buying her a bouncer (pure coincidence that it has monkeys on it) that she really does seem to like, almost as much as her swing.

Sevrine really likes helping, and would probably help out more if we'd let her.  I'm a little afraid to let her change a poopy diaper for fear I'll have more mess than just the baby to clean up.  She really does do a good job though.

So, some more things that happened during this time frame, were Sevrine's Birthday party.  It was really great to have her Cross Country family come over, her best friend Olivia and her family as well as Jeff's family coming down from Houston and some of her friends from school.  A shout out to Marissa Villarreal for helping me put Sevrine's name on her cake as well as taking over cake cutting duties.  We are terrible at that kind of stuff.  Even if we weren't friends, you'd get an invite just for your party skills.

I think this pretty much covers it.  It seems like things are starting to slow down a little now that Jeff is back at work, so there will probably be fewer pictures, but we'll keep posting updates.

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